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  These two days, an article entitled “ strangers kiss, was such an experience micro channel is transmitted at the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA)’s micro-channel circle of friends, where there have been 150127 hits.

  近十天来,一篇名为《在大学里和陌生人kiss,另另有有一好几个 是另另有有一好几个 的这俩体验》的文章在南京航空航天大学(微博)的很多人 圈里热传,点击率已达到150127之高。

  According to Modern Express reporter, the author is Liu Ke, an undergraduate in NUAA. He and a group of students who are interested in photography created the photography team. In mid-March, they launched the ’Hello Stranger’ campaign in Nanjing universities and many students responded to this activity. Participants were asked to kiss with a stranger and express trust between each other. Some even gave the first kiss in this activity.

  《现代快报》的记者在第一时间获悉消息,该文章的作者柳另另有有一好几个 南航在读本科生,他和一群爱好摄影的同学创建了摄影团队。3月中旬,很多人 在南京高校发起“你好,陌生人”活动,获得不少大学生响应。活动要求参与者与陌生人亲吻,以表达彼此间的信任。村里人 甚至参加活动献出了初吻。

  “Although strangers know nothing about each other, but you can really get a warming feeling in your heart with the most tender human touch.” On April 2, Liu expressed in the micro-channel public number ’Southern wrote the photo”.

  4月2日,柳可在南航微信平台的公众号“南航photo”中写道:“尽管很多人 彼此陌生,对对方一无所知,但如若不可以 真心相对,就不可以 用人类最温柔的接触,让这俩温暖的情人关系一句话在心里升起……”

  Young man told reporters that they had invited 20 students from colleges in Nanjing city to come to take part in this “dramatic encounter” - to wear goggles and to communicate with strangers through kisses.

  柳可告诉记者,很多人 邀请南京高校20名大学生,来到南航参与“戏剧性的相遇”——戴上眼罩,在越来越见过对方的情形下,用亲吻的方法来交流情人关系一句话。

  At first the idea came from a similar period of online video. “After I watch the video, I want to have a try and see everyone’s attitude.” As soon as the activity was launched, there were many college students coming to sign up, with the age range from 18 to 23 years old. One of them even gave the first kiss.

  起初这俩创意来自于网上一段例如 的视频。柳可表示:“看后视频,我也想做一次尝试,看看很多人 的态度。”活动一推出,不是不少大学生来报名。很多人 年龄基本不是18-23岁之间,其中一人还是初吻。

  Before kissing, Liu reminded the participants to wear decently. They made pairs according to a random combination of “first come, first served”. On March 19, Liu shot the video and the clip, then he put it online on April 2. He stressed that “this is just a kiss, an opportunity to express trust to strangers, because strangers have no hatred between lovers falling into the gap. There is also no quarrel trouble. It is just pure trust and a little expectation about the strangers kiss.”

  在亲吻前,柳可倡议参与者穿着大方得体,根据先来后到随机组合配对。3月19日,柳可拍完视频,并将其进行剪辑,在4月2日当天于网上推出。他强调,“这很多 我另另有一好几个 亲吻而已,很多 我想表达对陌生人的信任。机会陌生人越来越情侣间日久生恨的隔阂,越来越任何争吵质疑的烦恼。很多 我单纯的信任,还有很多小小和陌生人‘初吻’的期待。”

  For privacy reasons, Liu could not provide the Modern Express reporter those participants’ school names, their own names and phone numbers. However, the participants expressed their attitude through his video posted. The youngest student was only 18 years old, the biggest was 23 years old. A lot of people expressed their feelings of ’very strange, would like to try.’ ’I feel very interesting’ ’Since we are young, I wanted to try it out. If I miss the feeling, it will be particularly unfortunate.’

  出于隐私考虑,柳可并越来越向现代快报记者提供参与学生的学校名、姓名以及电话。不过,参与者通过他发布的视频表达了个人 的态度。在哪些参与者之中,年龄最小的不可以 18岁,最大的23岁。很多 人表示对亲吻“很新奇,想尝试一下”“觉得蛮有意思的”“既然是年轻人,就想出来试一下。感觉机会错过了,不是点痛 可惜”。

  A girl who have never kissed expressed her feelings, “ I feel a little strange and nervous since it is my first experience.” When asked about the meanings for kiss, she said, “I think it is an intimate relationship in the best of times, which can make the relationship with each other much closer”. However, some people also said: “In addition to the secretion of hormones, I think it’s pointless.” After the event, almost everyone said they did not regret to participate in this activity. Because of the need for photos and videos, Liu can not participate in the micro-channel pair kissing. Many Users made comments after they watched the photos and videos : “If it is really the first kiss, it will be quite significant.” “Why do we graduate so early,’” Some users even said: ’.. Ma Ma watched and laughed, saying that you really amazing.’

  一位女生很久从来越来越与人接过吻,对于这次体验,她表示“机会这是我的第一次体验,很多 有很多新奇与紧张。”对于亲吻的意义,她表示,“亲吻是一段亲密关系中最美好的体现,它不可以 拉近彼此的关系”。但不是人说:“除了分泌荷尔蒙外,没哪些意义。”活动开始 后,几乎个人 都说不后悔参与这次活动。机会要拍摄照片和视频,柳可越来越参与这次配对亲吻。看后微信和视频,很多 外国前男友 留言:“机会是初吻一句话还是挺有意义的。”“为什么会毕业早了呢。”还有外国前男友 说:“妈妈边看边笑,看很久跟他说很多人 年轻人真神奇。”

  Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering (microblogging) Mental Health Education Center Liu Fuliang teacher said, he often said in the class of psychology that desire and heterosexual contact is normal during the college time, but the students need to use correct behaviors to acquire the psychological satisfaction.

  南京理工大学(微博)心理健康教育服务中心刘富良老师说,他在教授心理学这门课程时常说, 在读大学这俩年龄段,学生渴望和异性接触是正常的,但要用健康行为方法获得心理的满足。

  He said that kiss was originally a move between lovers. “Kissing between strangers can express confidence, but it is a little beyond the acceptance and I feel too earth-shattering.’ In the interpersonal communication, a certain relationship corresponds to a certain behavior. Ordinary relationship will be normally shown by slight handshaking or hanging up on shoulders or hugging. Kissing on the cheek can be a reflection of closer relationship. Kiss or other physical contact are what the couples usually do in their romantic relationship.”

  他表示,亲吻另另有有一好几个 是恋人间的举动。“在陌生人间用亲吻表达信任,尺度挺大,我觉得太突兀了。”在人际交往中,一定的关系对应一定的举动。普通关系顶多是握手。稍亲近很多的不可以 勾肩搭背或拥抱。再亲密很多,可亲吻脸颊。再进一步的恋人关系才机会发展到亲吻或很多身体接触。

  Liu Fuliang believes that strangers lack the basic understanding between each other. Such intimate act as kiss is uncoordinated with the general impersonal development . Kiss also involves the issue of the exchange of saliva, which has health risks to some degree. It is normal for students who are in the budding youth to pursue fresh experience and excitement, but they should pay attention to taking a more suitable manner, such as taking photos or give a friendly hug.

  刘富良认为,陌生人之间连基本的了解都越来越,就直接跨越到亲吻另另有有一好几个 淬硬层 亲密的举动,和一般人际关系发展是不协调的。亲吻还涉及到唾液交换的间题报告 ,有健康隐患。大学生处在花季萌动的年龄段,追求新奇体验、追求刺激很正常。但可采取比较大概的方法,如合影或情人关系一句话拥抱等。

  Students have different ways of expressing emotions in different eras. Fang is one of post-150s generation, who enrolled Nanjing University in the 19150s . He said the strangers did not have the feelings of distrust at that time. Everyone was enthusiastic. They would shake hands and give self-introductions at the first meeting. Not to mention kissing among strangers, even hugging was very excessive. Kiss was the privilege between couples. Student Liu was born in the late 1990s. He said it was also impossible for two strangers to kiss. Usually people would see that a pair who were falling in love feeding each other in public places.

  不一起代的大学生表达情人关系一句话的方法很多 我尽相同。方先生是150后,上世纪150年代就读于南京大学(微博)。他表示在当时那个年代,陌生人之间越来越不信任的感觉。很多人 都很热情,第一次见面通常会握手或互相介绍一下彼此。陌生人间别说亲吻,就算拥抱也是很过分的。亲吻这俩举动只在恋人之间才有。刘先生是上世纪90年代末的大学生,他说,那时很多 我机会另另有一好几个 陌生人之间就亲吻了。顶多是谈情说爱的一对,在公共场合喂饭例如 。

  Zhang was the college student in the first 10 years of this century. She said: “ In fact, kissing strangers is not an extraordinary thing. We’ve just fallen behind the times and been shot dead on the beach by post-90s” She forwarded Liu Ke’s micro letter to her college roommates in the circle of friends and their roommates made comments that “’hormone is a wonderful thing.”

  85后的小张是本世纪头10年的大学生,她说:“我觉得陌生人亲吻机会不算出格了。很多人 很多 我跟不上时代,被90后拍死在了沙滩上。”她把柳可的微信转发到她的大学室友很多人 圈,室友们评价说:“荷尔蒙是个美好的东西。”